This Page will help guide Scout Masters / Project Coach / Comminty chair and other Scout leaders

This web site is designed to help give a Scout a resource for executeing a project.

Candidate ( Scout Youth )

Watch 'Fat Guys in the Woods' on The Weather Channel

Eagle Scout survival expert Creek Stewart asks fellow Eagle Scouts to check out his show Fat Guys in the Woods, airing at 9 p.m. Sundays on The Weather Channel.

Each week, Creek takes three regular guys into the wild where they learn the art and science of outdoor survival while battling the threats of Mother Nature.

In short: He’ll help them Be Prepared.

How to excute an Eagle Project

This page will help inform pearints / benafactor / Mom's and Dads of what there role is in the project.

Eagle Candidate -

This page will help a life rank youth optain his Eagle Project.

Other Adults

Boy Scout Eagle Project how to

You can do this just go one step at a time

Scouter ( Adult leader )